"I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Amber on several occasions over the past year and she has always shown up as authentically and as kindly as one can be. Amber’s EQ is on point and she’s very sensitive towards the needs of her customers. Amber’s dedication towards the wellness of one and all makes her stand out and be the best in class. She’s a great friend, an inspiring leader and a wonderful entrepreneur. She has my highest recommendation!'

"Amber is truly one of a kind. Not only is she passionate, driven and hard-working, she is also extremely kind, thoughtful, authentic and caring. With a multitude of interests and passions, she consistently makes an impact and inspires others to do the same. My approach to life and work has absolutely changed for the better since meeting Amber. She possesses all of the knowledge, skills, traits and virtues (and then some) of an incredible leader and motivator. I am forever grateful for having met Amber, and all the glory of the light that shines from within!"

"Before talking about Amber Peay, I had to do an exercise of objectivity. The respect and admiration I feel for her is so high that I did not want her to influence this recommendation. Nowadays, it is very fashionable to talk about empowered women with leadership skills. This is not a mirage when we talk about Amber, it becomes a reality. Not only has she been able to found a company like Granola Grown, but she has also been able to combine family and work perfectly. It was not always easy, she has had to go through difficult moments, but I know that, even in the worst circumstances, she has managed to maintain her smile, her temperance and her empathy. Amber has a great capacity to manage times in an efficient way, prioritizing tasks, which has allowed her to reach her goals while she has been able to give feedback to her team, motivating her so that she feels integrated 100% . And if as CEO he has managed to shine, if I had to define it on a human level, I could only say that she is excellence. Thank you for being an example of a person for all of us. It is difficult to be a good professional, but if you also keep intact your human qualities, I take off my hat."

"Earlier this year (2019), as I was on-boarding several key new employees, and setting the direction for my company and the year ahead, I utilized Amber Peay, and her tremendous ability at creating captivating, heart-warming, hospitality driven customized videos, to kick off our staff meeting/on boarding meeting and training program for several full-time key employees we had just hired. Amber put together a completely amazing video, provided a longer version of the video integrating me also addressing the team, and then integrating her amazing content, music, warmth and smile, she personally welcomed them to the team as well! and told them the kind of culture I was looking to create and that she was there to help onboard them and get them off to a great start  Her going the extra mile, and making this video so personal, blew me away, and I can tell you these two staff, partially due to Ambers efforts, got off to an amazing start and are far exceeding expectations in just the few short months they’ve been with my firm!! Amber is a consummate professional, always positive, always adds value, and is an absolute delight to work with in anyway shape or form. I wholeheartedly and completely, and without reserve, recommend Amber Peay as a person, as a businesswoman, as a hospitality angel, and as someone who creates the only videos I search for each and every day hoping to catch her positivity, her vibe, her smile, and the warmth that she exudes even through Linkedin social media, on the phone, I’m sure in person, and especially in her videos!! Thank you Amber for the tremendous human being that you are!"

"I’ve gotten to know Amber as a passionate and customer service focused business leader. She is always there to support others and share her expertise. Her kind and open personality makes it a pleasure to work with her. I appreciate the support she has provided to me through our relationship on LinkedIn."

"Amber is a pleasure to work with and her kindness is a thread that weaves through every interaction and everyone should get a taste of the very yummy Granola Grown ASAP. She is an incredible business professional with an amazing attention to detail, follow through on everything discussed, and understanding of her goals, mission, and business development. We worked together on the Environmental Policy Statement for Granola Grown and wish that I could eat that granola everyday for breakfast or a snack. Thank you Amber for working together, continuing a great networking friendship, and feel free to ship me yummy Granola Grown anytime."

"It’s indeed a pleasure and honor for me to recommend Amber in this wonderful professional platform, LinkedIn. We are connected for more than 6 months and I have been a constant follower of her posts from day one. She not only add value to people’s lives but also possess a charismatic character. She helps an individual in transforming self-doubt into self-confidence with her constant motivational contents. Amber is a creative problem-solver and an amazing speaker too. She inspires others to overcome and grow through life’s constant challenges. Relationship Building, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Social Media Marketing are some of her superpowers. Over that, she holds a Certified Instructional Systems Designer accreditation. Her presence in Cisco as Instructional Designer, Program Manager, Change Manager for a long period (12 years 5 months) speaks a lot about her passion to drive a change in the community. She is indeed a great human being with endless qualities. She has my highest recommendation!"

"The passion and commitment that Amber puts into her company is 2nd to none. The quality and care she puts into her product is definitely a reason to take the time to meet her and understand her story and why amenities should consider her granola product."

"Amber is an absolute gem. Her dedication and level of care that she puts into Granola Grown is truly remarkable. I’ve gotten to know her over the last several months and can not recommend her enough. Not only is she one of the kindest most genuine people I’ve connected with, her Granola is OUT of this world."

"Amber is extremely talented, ambitious, and business-oriented. She is very focused when achieving her objectives and provides a great personality to boost morality of those people she works with. I highly recommend her and acknowledge her as a valuable individual equipped with the knowledge, drive, and foresight to succeed. Her abilities to multi-task, while planning, and executing a project are beyond those of anyone I have ever witnessed."

"I had the opportunity to work on a project with Amber and I got to know the Granola Grown story. Amber is as genuine as they come and Granola Grown is on a mission to give back, not only through amazing granola, but to the community. Together we built a plan to make sure processes and sourcing will make the least amount of environmental impact possible, all while engaging the community through nutritious foods and doing social good"

"Amber has some amazing and thoughtful advice, the way Amber delivers her knowledge is so relatable and I highly recommend anyone listen, engage and have Amber speak at one of your conferences (With Granola Grown too)"

"Amber is one of the first angels that I had the opportunity to get-to-know on this platform, and I feel entirely blessed by that. Amber took the time to get to know me, and to exchange personal stories ~ I felt from the very beginning that she was going to turn into a true friend, and that she has. She is extraordinarily kind, genuine, creative and family focused – and is very communicative. It is always a pleasure to see her video posts as she makes you feel like she is talking right at you!! I fully support any and ALL of her future endeavors, and I look forward to being a part in any way that I can!!"

"I have collaborated with Amber in the context of the global #7Stories7Lessons series that I have launched on social media. From her video series, I can clearly see that Amber is an effective communicator, a compelling storyteller and a person with an impressive ability to create highly valuable content both in terms of quality and technical proficiency. I’m very glad to have had the chance cooperate with Amber."

"In my work in leadership development, I interact with a wide range of individuals, from senior executives to instructional designers (those who develop effective courses & training and ensure that contents are delivered in a manner that trainees can best learn it). In Amber’s videos, her calm and reassuring voice, her warm and genuine smile, and her ability to look at the camera without excessive blinking allow her to exude a natural confidence and presence. The best facilitators, speakers, and presenters all share these traits. Amber brings a wealth of experience with her more than 12 years of experience at Cisco. Based on all of these factors, I enthusiastically recommend Amber for any training projects (in person or web-based training)."

"Amber Peay is an excellent leader, connection, and friend! So far, from chatting with Amber on LinkedIn and over the phone, this is what I have learned: 1. Amber is a great mother. 2. Amber is a great Christian. 3. Amber is great at making granola. 4. Amber is an excellent networker and storyteller. 5. Amber is a go-giver! If that isn’t enough to make you want to connect with or work with Amber, I don’t know what is! Keep up the great work Amber."

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